In Turkey’s export of 2016, our company succeeded to be among the top 1000 exporter companies from among 61.000 exporter companies according to the extensive survey performed by the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

About Survey and Introduction

Each year since 2002, Turkish Exporters Assembly –the umbrella organization of Turkey’s export-, under the leadership of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, is generating a main source regarding our export by realizing performance research on many significant subjects such as production and investment capacities, sector- and country-based export of the top 500 and second 500 exporter companies, capital distributions, profitability, human resources, energy and capacity usage. The top 1000 companies, from among 61.000 exporters registered with TIM, realize about 60% of the total export.
The purpose of this extensive survey, is to inform the Turkish public of the whole export and export performances, and bring Turkey, our export and exporters to the forefront within the country and abroad. It is published separately both in English and Turkish, and individually communicated to 32.000 opinion point names directly relevant to our export within the country and abroad. The survey is distributed to our exporters, members of media, banks, academicians, institutions such as embassies, Turkishtime -a prominent economy magazine- within the country, and to authorities of IMF, Forbes 500, OECD, UN and EU, fund managers of large European banks and major representatives of international media abroad.
Our extensive survey, taking 5 months, is the only informing activity communicating Turkey’s foreign trade power, in and outside Turkey. As the only corporate introduction material of Turkey’s export in the 500 BILLION DOLLARS EXPORT TARGET OF 2023, its significance and reputation increase each passing year.